Natural Bioluminescence formulated to make food, beverages, personal care products and cosmetics glow.

Bioluminescent-Sake-Shooters-Poster-tallThe consumer markets are very large and growing.  The broad and diverse consumer applications within foods, beverages, and cosmetics represent huge first-in-class product opportunities.  There are no consumable bioluminescent products on the market today.  Our brand name Lumoness represents the chemistry that produces the bright, luminescent glow, in a spectrum of colors, which can be added to a broad range of products in each category.

The duration of Lumoness “glow” can vary by formulation, encapsulation, quantity, host product or delivery system and has no discernable taste of its own.  The science behind bioluminescence is the combination of a protein enzyme (Luciferase), a light emitting molecule (Luciferin), and oxygen.  The protein enzyme catalyzes the reaction between the light-emitting molecule and oxygen to produce light.  While there are many different luciferases found in nature, the luciferin is common among all bioluminescent sea creatures.

Japanese Fishermen catching firefly squid
Firefly squid, a delicacy in Japan

Our bioluminescent ingredients use the same natural compounds found in bioluminescent animals, but are made synthetically in our facilities.


Please contact us at info@biolume.net for more information on our technology, patents, investing, or partnership opportunities.

A bath tub glowing and sparkling with bioluminescent bath saltsA concept of bioluminescent glowing lipstick being appliedBiolume’s glowing lollipop as featured in a Wired article